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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Apply For Family Visa

Family visa can be a tricky thing to apply for, and sometimes the process can be very lengthy, which is why you would love to get assistance at some point of time. Most of the people are in a state of quandary which is why today we are going to talk about some of the frequently asked questions regarding the same. 

Can I bring my family to another country while I am working?

If you have obtained a job from a registered and valid foreign employer and also you have got the valid work permit, then you will be eligible for bringing your spouse as well as dependent children so that they can accompany you to the resident country. But of course there are dependent conditions or the parameters like age of your children and the kind of dependency they on you. First preference will be given to the individuals whose spouses are also likely to get a work permit. If your children are of minor age and going to school they will be automatically entitled to study in the educational institutions of the country without having to apply for a separate study permit.

What are the different kinds of family visa that I can get?

You can get a number of visa programs like conjugal partner visa, dependent visa, parents as well as grandparents super visa, family based provincial nominee visa and family sponsored visa. Now the application category will definitely depend on a number of parameters and you will be categorised under specific segments.  

How can I apply for family visa?

If you want to get the family visa in the first thing that you have to do is to get hold of the best of family visa consultant. If you are residing in North India, then you can ask for the excellent family visa assistant in Panchkula, Chandigarh and Mohali from Global links team, as their proficient team will help you to make the entire transaction hassle free . You can consult  them regarding how to qualify and apply for a family visa class and to get through the complex visa processing. They will help you with the entire process of documentation and verification. 

When can I be denied the family visa?

If you do not have any proper and valid work permit , insufficient funds, valid reason to apply  then your family members application can be denied for family visa . If you or your family has any kind of terminal or contagious health problems or any kind of criminal history, then also you can be denied the family visa. 

Now that you know about the exchange of visa for family members, it is always a good option to apply early, so that you can get the approval on time. Now apply for Visa from India is even easier because of all the experienced hands that is giving their efficient services. Find out the kind of visa that you want and apply right away along with all the documents, and you will not have any problems to make your relocation dreams happen . 

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