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Canada announces Immigration Applications Target for 2024-2026

Canada’s immigration levels will remain unchanged from its current targets. In 2024, Canada will target the admission of almost 485,000 new immigrants. In 2025 and 2026, the country will look to welcome almost 500,000 new immigrants in each year. The targets are the same as those released under the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025. The new […]

More than One Million job openings have been reported in Canada.

According to a report by Statistics Canada, employment vacancies in Canada are at an all-time high. According to Statistics Canada’s latest data on job openings, payroll, and earnings, companies in Canada were actively trying to replace more than one million unfilled positions at the beginning of March 2022. In March, the number of job vacancies […]

Canada is looking for Big Numbers of Immigrants in coming years?

Understanding the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan Between 2022 and 2024, Canada is on direction to welcome a document quantity of recent immigrants. Despite the epidemic, Canada had a record number of permanent residents in 2021, with over 405,000 individuals moving to the country. Canada has raised its immigration target for 2022 to more than 432,000 […]

What are the undergoing substantial changes in Express Entry Canada?

In the future, Express Entry rounds may invite people depending on their employment, language, or education. The Canadian government is considering modifying the Express Entry system to allow the immigration minister to invite candidates based on a specific economic purpose. In an email to CIC News, Aiden Strickland, a spokeswoman for the immigration minister, stated […]

Now mostly Express Entry applications will be processed within Six Months Only.

Most new Express Entry applications will be completed in six months, according to Canada’s immigration service. Prior to the pandemic, Canada expected to complete most Express Entry immigration applications in six months. However, because of the epidemic, candidates have had to wait considerably longer. Non-Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Express Entry candidates must wait an average […]

Tips!! How to Apply for an Open Work Permit for Your Spouse in Canada?

You and your Canadian partner may be able to work while waiting for a decision on spousal sponsorship in Canada. Spouses and common-law partners of Canadians can get an open work permit while their inland sponsorship application for permanent residency is being processed. Within 12 months, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) hopes to complete […]

Why is it that Canadian companies are able to employ more tech talent?

To facilitate the acquisition of foreign tech talent, Canada offers a variety of work visa and permanent residency alternatives. Employers in the IT industry in Canada continue to experience labor shortages, despite the pandemic’s impact. Hiring talent from other countries is one option to fill labor market gaps. The Council of Canadian Innovators has called […]

In July 2022, Canada’s skilled immigration programs (Express Entry & Canadian Experience Program) will reopen.

Following a delay that began in December 2020, Canada will reopen Express Entry to all candidates in July. Canada will get the largest influx of talented immigrants in its history. “With the economy growing faster than businesses can hire new personnel, Canada must investigate all possibilities to guarantee that we have the skills and labor […]

Why do immigrants in Canada’s job market have such a bright future?

The aging population of Canada will benefit both native-born and immigrant employees. The unemployment rate in Canada is presently the lowest it has ever been. This may seem strange at first, given the corona virus outbreak. Given the massive demographic trends that were reshaping Canada’s workforce before to the pandemic, and that would continue to […]