In July 2022, Canada’s skilled immigration programs (Express Entry & Canadian Experience Program) will reopen.

Following a delay that began in December 2020, Canada will reopen Express Entry to all candidates in July.

Canada will get the largest influx of talented immigrants in its history.

“With the economy growing faster than businesses can hire new personnel, Canada must investigate all possibilities to guarantee that we have the skills and labor needed to propel our development,” stated Canada’s Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser.

What Is the Importance of This Information?

In early July, Minister Fraser stated that Canada will resume issuing Express Entry invitations to immigration hopefuls from all across the world. This is significant since the Express Entry system is the primary means through which the Canadian government administers skilled worker applications.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) was Canada’s major immigration program for skilled immigrants from 1967 until a temporary suspension in December 2020.Another significant immigration program for skilled workers, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), was also suspended in September 2021. These breaks were imposed because of the epidemic, but they will be abolished in July.

Because of Canada’s aging population and low fertility rate, immigration is more crucial than ever. The Canadian economy is quickly improving, and the country now has the lowest unemployment rate in its history. There are almost one million job openings in Canada.

Express Entry will be a key tool for Canada in attracting international talent and expanding our economy. Canada intends to accept over 110,000 Express Entry immigrants every year in the future. Minister Fraser has stated that the government will process most Express Entry applications within six months due to the significance of skilled immigrants to the Canadian economy.

(Source – CIC News)

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